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3 Benefits Of Installing A Biometric Access Control System

If you want to set up an access control system on your business premises, then you can use card or code systems. However, if you want to maximize access control benefits, then biometric options are the best choice.

What are the advantages of using biometric access control systems?

1. Enhanced Security

While card or code access control systems boost your security compared to regular key access, these options have some security flaws. They might not give you the highest levels of authorized security.

For example, codes and cards can be shared or stolen. Or if someone loses a card, then anyone who finds it can get into your building. You can't completely control who has access in all scenarios.

Biometric controls are more secure. You make it virtually impossible for unauthorized users to get inside your building. To get access, someone will have to be present for an entry or exit scan. The system will only authorize access after a fingerprint, eye, or facial check.

2. Easier User Access

Your employees might sometimes struggle to get into your building. For example, if someone forgets their code or loses their keycard, then they can't get through your access system.

Damaged cards can also cause problems. If they don't swipe or scan, then even your authorized users will be locked out and will have to wait for someone in authority to let them in.

Your employees automatically carry their credentials with them if you use a biometric system. They just have to show the relevant part of their body. They don't need to carry cards or remember codes.

3. Lower Operational Costs

While biometric access control systems have a higher initial cost investment, the enhanced security they give you makes their costs worthwhile. Plus, you should start to make operational cost savings as soon as you install your system and start using it.

For example, if you use a card access system, then you'll have to buy cards regularly. People will lose their cards from time to time. If you have a large workforce, then this will become a regular cost. You don't need to buy supplies for biometric systems.

You also make time savings here. Code or card systems need some day-to-day management. If someone breaches your system, then you will have to change all your codes or reprogram your cards and ensure that all your employees know about the change. Biometric systems don't have these time needs.

To find out more about biometric systems and how they work, talk to access control system suppliers, such as Videotec Corporation.