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4 Reasons Every Business Should Have A Video Surveillance System

Your business is the manifestation of your dreams, ideas, and hard work. It makes sense that you want to protect every aspect of it — building, customers, employees, and merchandise — from any form of threat or loss.  

Chances are you already have a secure lock system in place. But now, it's time to move a step higher by investing in a video surveillance system. Here is why every business with a physical location should invest in video surveillance. 

Video Surveillance Deters Crime

This is the major reason why most business owners install video surveillance cameras. Potential intruders will see that your business is protected and are discouraged from shoplifting or vandalizing, as they don't want to be caught in the act.

Another way to protect your business is to place one of the spot monitors at the entrance, so customers can see themselves in surveillance as they enter your building. This significantly reduces cases of shoplifting. Other video surveillance cameras can be placed near cash registers, where you're able to see the cash drawer as well as the customer. 

Helps Keep Customer Records

Video surveillance systems are effective in monitoring the behaviors of your clients. For example, a client may claim one of your store employees was rude towards them, and hence, demand compensation. With video surveillance, you can check the exchange record between the client and your employee to know what happened. 

A client may also claim to have purchased an item in your business but didn't get the receipt. Again, checking the video surveillance records helps confirm whether the customer was in the business premises on the day they claim and whether they got the receipt. Overall, checking customer records can help protect your employees from malicious customers and your business from financial losses. 

Protects Your Business from Legal Liabilities

One of your staff members may slip and fall while in the workplace, sustaining severe injuries.  Your business is exposed to huge liabilities if they decide to file a personal injury lawsuit. And while the claims may be legitimate, some employees may also want to take advantage by filing fraudulent claims. Perhaps the fall wasn't as serious as they claim, or the accident resulted from their negligence. 

Thanks to video surveillance systems, you can check the records to see how the incident occurred. This can save your business significant losses from fraudulent claims. In any case, an employee is unlikely to make a false claim if they know there is video footage. 

Monitor High-Risk Areas

If your vehicle deals with dangerous goods, chemicals, huge loads of physical cash, or expensive equipment, you may have a high-risk room that is only accessible to selected persons. Hiring a physical person to guard such a room isn't only risky, but can also be expensive. 

A video surveillance system helps you monitor the high-risk room in real-time. In case of an incident, you can address it early before it escalates into a bigger problem.