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5 Things To Help You Understand Access Control Systems Better

As a business owner, securing your business is a top priority. One way to secure your business is with an access control system. At its most basic, an access control system is a way to allow employees to enter and exit through a door without needing a key. Instead, employees can use a code, scan a card, or use biometrics. Here are a few more in-depth things you need to understand about access control systems.

#1 Not Just for Doors

Access control systems are not just for doors, although that is one of the applications where they are most commonly used. Access control systems can be used on garage doors, gates, and parking arms. They can be used on elevators, turnstiles, and even vehicles and machines. Access control systems can be used for a wide variety of applications across your businesses.

#2 Work with Other Systems

Access control systems can be set-up so that they work with other systems. You can connect and integrate your access controls system with other security features, such as cameras and intrusion detection. You can also integrate an access control system with tools that help you manage your business, such as a visitor management system or a time and attendance counter for employees.

#3 Works Without Power

One of the fears of an access control system is what happens when the power goes out. Most access control systems are set-up so that they have a battery backup that will kick in if the power goes out. As the business owner, you need to make sure that the backup battery is properly set-up and charged.

Alternatively, the most common applications, such as with a door or gate, can still be operated manually if the power goes out.

#4 Manual Operation Available

Just because you have an access control system set-up doesn't mean that you should throw away your keys. In the case of a power outage, you can use a key to manually lock and unlock the door. You can also just use a key to get in and out of the door if you wish to have more than one way to access entry points. An access control system can work together with a traditional lock and key system.

#5 Greater Control Over Access

One of the biggest reasons that business owners are interested in access control systems is because they provide them with greater control over their business. An access control system has a user interface that allows you to configure the settings. You can decide who has access to what. You can authorize or revoke authorization for specific individuals. You can set-up schedules for access. You can even view the current use of the system and look at historical data as well.

Access control systems can be used on things other than doors. Access control systems have battery-backups in case of power outages and can still be operated manually as well. You can also integrate your access control system with other security measures and business tools, and you can custom and control access to your business with the user interface that supports the system.

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