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Have A Restraining Order Against Someone? Helpful Tips To Be Safer When Arriving Home

There's little doubt that everyone wants to feel secure and safe in their homes and when returning home after a day of work or running errands. However, for those who have filed for restraining orders against someone who has been threatening them, nowhere feels safe. Fortunately, there are several things you can do if you have a restraining order against someone and you want to feel more safe. Here are a few things to consider. 

Install a Home Security System 

A home security system installation can make your home more secure and alert authorities when your home has been breached. You can choose what type of access control system will work best for you and your family, such as a keypad that each member of your family will use to unlock the main entryway to your home. 

Have Alerts Sent to Your Cell Phone 

One fear that many people in your situation have is that the person they have a restraining order against will be waiting for them inside their home when they return. Because of this fear, have your home security system designed to alert you via your cell phone if the security system is breached. Should this happen, go to your nearest police station before going home and ask a law enforcement officer to give you an escort. 

Install Surveillance Cameras 

Install surveillance cameras as part of your home security system. You'll want to have one focused on the entry doors of your home where your access control panel is as well as the entire full length of the area in front of your home. Another thing that worries many who have restraining orders is the possibility of their accused to come up behind them when they are attempting to enter their home. For this reason, a monitor beside the access control panel can show you what is happening behind you as you enter your access code. That way, you will know to act quickly when entering your access code if you see the person coming up behind you. 

Monitor the Surveillance Cameras From Your Cell Phone 

The surveillance cameras can be monitored from your cell phone. Always log in to your cameras before returning home to see if the person is waiting for you at or near your home's entryway. If you notice anything at all unusual, ask local law enforcement for an escort or call them and ask them to check for you before you get near your home.